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Brussels Innova, here we go again!

The 65rd edition of Brussels Innova is already on track…We invite all inventors, budding and confirmed, to prepare for the 2016 edition, because from 17th to 19th November 2016, your inventions will be featured in Hall 10 at Brussels Expo! For more information, contact us at

4.000 m² exibition space, 20 countries, 4200 professional visitors, 300 innovations and press coverage that's the envy of the world!


Brussels Innova is

  • the innovation showcase for more than 20 countries and the Eureka contest;
  • the forum for businesses and institutions active in R&D.

Numerous novelties just waiting to be marketed are presented in the following areas:

Agronomic and food industry • Anti-pollution • Aviation industry • Body care - cosmetology • Building • Car industry – road • Chemical industrial • Electricity - Electronics • Energy • Environment • Games - Sport - Culture - Leisure – Didactic procedures • General mechanics • Heating • Home crafts • Home improvement • Industrial equipment • Lifting • Medical sciences • Health • Metallurgy • Office material - Informatics • Packaging - Storage • Packing devices • Plumbing • Radio - TV - Telecommunications - Photography • Safety • Sea, ground, air • transport • Security – Protection - Rescue • Textile and clothing industry

What has made the exhibition such a success for so many years? The sheer number of exhibitors, its diversity of sources and quality of professional visitors. 

Who is exhibiting?

  • Regional bodies;
  • Private and public institutions that provide development aid and support for innovation (advice, business plans, intellectual property, financing, hosting, marketing, and commercialisation); 
  • Enterprise and innovation relay centres;
  • Business incubators;
  • Innovative SMEs and hi-tech start-ups;
  • Start-up companies seeking new technical and scientific talent;
  • R&D departments of major companies seeking to maintain their image as pioneers of innovation and employers of the future;
  • Universities (interfaces, research centres, training in innovation management, etc.);
  • Colleges;
  • Spin-offs;
  • Inventors and entrepreneurs;
  • Chambers of Commerce, Federal public services.

Why participating?

  • Promote your activities and demonstrate your innovative qualities.
  • Meet a maximum of potential Belgian and foreign partners.
  • Grasp opportunities via targeted contacts (industrialisation, investment, commercialisation, distribution, etc.).
  • Recruit young talented individuals who are keen to join the companies of tomorrow.
  • Promote your research activities and multiply the links between universities/colleges and companies.
  • Attract young people into more technical and scientific occupations.
  • Offer your services and expertise as a support body and promoter of innovation.


Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or if you wish to participate:

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